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Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is an integrated end-to-end web based software application intended to make the administrative and management work at a hospital streamlined.

The software application covers every necessity of hospital administration including effective and efficient decision with regard to patient care, hospital administration and finances.

TAGTES aids the hospitals to coordinate their activities. It paves the way to prepare financial statements swiftly and efficiently. With the help of the Hospital Management System one can coordinate patient movement and can update patient related information consistently with reference to medicine administered and visits.

This application provides billing facility for to prepare bills online. It also enables us to coordinate employee duties, employee salary, and also collect, organize and retrieve patient information spontaneously.

Hospital Management System comforts the hospital administration to maintain the track records of regular or recurrent purchase and disposable of various consumable materials used in a hospital. Some of the examples are cotton, gauge, bottles, needles, syringes, sachets, plastic bags etc. The easy interoperability of the application allows the administrator to access the various modules from the main system of the hospital remotely from any location via a computer and an internet connection.